Peppermint Alley Press

What is Peppermint Alley Press?

I am so glad that you asked! The first time someone sent me their personal newsletter, I was enchanted. It’s basically a perzine put in a newsletter format. I call my version non-news because it’s mostly filled with little tidbits of things I’m learning or thinking about. As described by one reader’s Letter to the Editor, I “basically overlook what’s happening in the world and zoom in on the mundane and add a lot of sparkle. It’s magical really.” Ok then, I’ll take that.

There are three options!

Supporter Friends: Full Color Version

($5/month suggested minimum donation, color prints, sent monthly)

Note: this is also open to zine makers who swap with me.

Supporter Friends: Full Color Version Info
For less than lunch out, get the newsletter sent every monthly-ish IN COLOR. That’s right. monthly mail that you actually want! And you’ll help cover printing, stamps etc. You’ll probably get stickers or other random surprises from time to time because snail mail magic is real. Join Here!

Sustainers: Special Edition Version

($15/month, monthly color prints in a plump envelope with goodies such as zines, stationary, writing prompts or other surprises)

Supporter Friends: Full Color Version Info
Subscribe to the “Special Edition” to get an extra thick envelope with all sorts of snail mail magic delivered each month. Join Here!

Pen Pals: the free love B&W

($0, sent every other month but you still get all 12 issues)

Pen Pals - Free Love Info
The completely free version arrives in your mailbox every other month-ish, containing 2 months worth of non-news at once (6 times a year, all the same non-news). Capitalism rubs me funny, I love trades, send me some mail now and again type. Join Here!

Peppermint Alley Press Special Edition – full color with two zines and other goodies delivered to you!
Summer 2018, one of the first cutting rooms

Three years in, I have created non-news newsletters from the shores of Lake Michigan, from Las Vegas before catching a flight, from tables in Philadelphia, coffee shops and more, from the mountains of Colorado and even from the very slow snail mail of post offices in Mexico. To be sure, each month is an adventure and I’m so glad that you are willing to come along with me.