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equinox feels

shifts to equinox.

let’s hold the light together.

let’s just hold each other and shine.

Where do you show up? For whom will you be brave? When is it okay to lean in and when is the time to let go?

Careful. Brave.

Stay. Go.

Wednesday’s Table in the Schoolhouse

August at the long table ️
August at the long table, the last day of the month in the waning days of being Up North. Soon it will be time to pack and clean and drag ourselves out of here and back to Philadelphia. As I say, leaving home to return home. Before I think more about that I will sit at the long table, glad to have hands that build such lovely things, glad for this moment and this homespun life.


Zig Zag Beach, photo by EMV

what if we tell our wing + nest story in dappled layers so our feet become fishes and morning glory tendrils furiously bind our legs together faster than we want to move.

what if our baby birds get to play on the beaches all day, many all days and the sand that stuck to our legs scatters our laughter with wishes of stay.

what if the burning blueberries and calling cranes and flashy beetles

and sparkly tears and almost hagstones

are a conspiracy union to knit our lives together in such ways

that wide spans of water and time and quiet

are just blips of moon shadow sighs,

just lightning flashes in a constellation of together.

I love you Em.