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Monday’s Table

table set up, waiting for me.. I'm so ready.
The Schoolhouse table, all set up, waiting for me. I’m so ready.

I listened to “stars + birds, babes + sages” (nodding at ya William Channing)

In the early morning, I heard coyotes + cranes + a great horned owl. I wrote about ferns + third grade and dreamed a little too. It’s quiet now and my body feels electric. What do you say?

Monday’s Table without Roe v. Wade

all the shapes + little helper hands. There is so much I could say about body autonomy right now with this hack of a Supreme Court running bullshit and smaller courts around the country going backwards on trans rights. So much to hold right now and there are days to feel the full weight of this moment in history. But for now, it’s water colors and quiet talks.