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Ferry to SF + Wandering Mission

Tartine had yummy things that I could eat! And to think my vanity almost kept me from asking. - spontaneous food tour through the Mission neighborhood today with gratitude for a friend who shares friends.

This morning we took the Alameda ferry across the bay to visit San Francisco proper. We walked around near the ferry as a group. A friend from GR happened to be in the Mission neighborhood so when the group headed to a mall to evade rain, I headed off to see my friend Tory. 

We basically wandered around from yummy spot to more deliciousness with a kind guide of a friend who knows food. MmmmTartine had yummy things that I could eat! And to think my vanity almost kept me from asking. 

knife sharpening (of course we went in, I’m with food friends!)

Hello citrus!

Mission style!

Final stop before the train, all the good smells meet us at the sidewalk. And I learned a new word: loroco = squash blossom. Pupusas topped with curtido whilst a man serenades from the doorway.
Hopped back on the BART train and headed to an evening in Berkeley.

TBT to 2003

TBT to 2003 post-epic-honeymoon trip for three  I will see you all in just a few days! @lizardincognito
Ry’s Dad sent this picture to us today! It was from his Birthday in 2003. A sweet diner post-epic-honeymoon trip for three. Looking forward to seeing these faces in just a few days!


Philly, I you and your crazy #mummers #phillylove
Philly, I heart you and your crazy mummers. I learned today that this is the oldest folk concert in the U.S. It officially began in 1901 but the tradition dates back much further. It’s not all quaint and beautiful, there is plenty of raucous, ridiculous amounts of drinking, and inappropriate slurs. All in all though, tons of dancing and music and revelry. It’s my favorite Philly parade.
Parade time! #mummers #phillylove

Soon my Pretty, Soon

  Soon we will pack supplies into our cutaway van and hit the road. 
Soon our books and clothing will be pared down to our favorites. 

Soon our snow will melt away and we will trade boots and sleds for bikes and sandals. Hot tea for sweet tea. 

But in the meantime, fresh snow has fallen and the woods are calling. 

The dog needs walking and maybe I do too. We watch the birds flit in and out of trees and notice all the fresh animal tracks. 

Then back to the house for a fire, some curtain sewing, tea drinking, and snow-on-tree admiring. 

Soon our scenery will change but for now I’m present here.