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Third Child Naps

Third child means naps happen on the go. #sometimeswesleeplikethis #schoolfreeplayers
Third child means naps happen on the go. And sometimes I feel kind of bad about that. And yet, you thrive, running with the big kids, having more than me as a teacher. And I tell myself that somehow your personality will make good use of this sleep anywhere skill.

Today was our first play rehearsal that is actually IN the space where we will perform. Here we are outside, waiting to begin. It felt so good to be in the theater, it always does. And yet, it reminds me how very much work we have to do. Let’s go. Child of mine, thank you for taking your naps on the go.

Charlotte’s Web at the Arden


Yesterday we saw The Charlotte’s Web at the Arden. Maybe last year’s production of Peter Pan spoiled all future children’s theater for me, but this show was not that impressive. Maybe I just don’t really care for the story in the first place. Whatever the reason, I was glad when it was over. There was some great acting and the geese and rat in particular made me laugh a lot. But past that, the thing that hit me the most was the commentary on friendship that actually looked more like martyrdom than partnering and the way the discussed death. I’ll say again that children’s theater does not have to be dumb.