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The short intro:

I am a wanderer who loves to get around by bike, on foot, or in a train. I’m a brewer of ciders + kombucha + mischief ::: a grower of unschoolers + community + mint.

Longer intro (written in 2011)

(updated in 2019, in blue.)

Currently stationed in Grand Rapids, Michigan though ever itching to travel about, my family and I are here, living in an urban setting with three dear little people (kids not midgets…can you still say midget?)… we have a small house and a busy yard that houses a large garden (with a lot of overly successful mint) and sometimes some chickens. Our kids learn everywhere (aka we home/un school but not much learning happens sitting at a table with noses in workbooks) and I’m mostly comfortable with this.

Ry (who can fix and do just about anything if you ask me) works at a community bike co-op and loves to weld and tinker and take photographs. I am a teacher by training and a theater person by passion. I currently teach cooking classes, work with LGBTQ youth, stage manage at times, and mostly take care of people facilitate learning for young people in alternative settings, direct youth theater, co-lead a small travel and theater operation, and am learning to take care of myself too.

We used to live in Philly and somehow, I fell in love with that gritty city. I miss that place hard and long for the bigger city with more happenings and such rich variety, more LGBTQ-friendly, less churchy, you get the idea. We will return when the time is right, but for now, we live here so that we can take care of my grandparents and hone in on these short family time years. We are still the rock stars in our kids’ lives but I know that won’t last forever.

We are back in Philly! Well, mostly. We are splitting our time between Philadelphia during the school year with travel (stagingjouneys.com) and summer time in Northern Michigan. I am so happy to be back in this city, even though it’s complicated and loud and big. I somehow breathe more easily being here.

Now I also write a monthly newsletter that arrives in the mail. It’s called the Peppermint Alley Press. You can sign up for it here. I like slow mail, I like the romantic excitement of opening the mail box and finding an actual letter or personal something. So I am putting some of that out into the world.

Still true:

I tend to see home as something not involving a physical building.  I get homesick for people, seasonal foods, experiences, and moments of beauty more than for our house, our bed, etc.  So in this virtual “home” space on Peppermint Alley, I hope to capture the thoughts, pictures, and activity of our home in the world.  I’m also the sort of person who loves to have drop-in visitors…the sort of friends who stop by with chocolate or drop in for coffee or spend a week (or month) with a tent pitched in my backyard.  I don’t know how much that sort of friendship still exists…maybe it’s because we are more busy or we live further apart or because we moved… But I sure hope that stop-in friendship is out there somewhere…So stop on by… bring a favorite recipe, sample fresh biscotti, play with us, sit on our porch, leave a comment, share a story…Consider yourself more than welcome to make yourself at home.

November 2018: Mexico

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ann Marie

    I love it, Linnea! I think that you should definitely keep this up; your observations are some of my favorite things to read.

  2. lisa

    the skirt from sevilla was a special memory. so are your words. thank you for creating this beautiful home. xo

  3. Lee

    Really enjoyed the many pictures and wisdom writings! Your home has been a lot of work and I got exhaused just looking at the changes. Really looks like a fine home with you all working so hard!
    Mr T (mandy’s Daddie)

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