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golden days

schuylkill river trail

Now that I’m looking, these golden colors keep showing up. I planned to start the year with this beautiful knit-along project from Wool and Honey. It’s not a color I would usually choose but I listened to my 16-year-old and he was totally spot on, especially for this season.

Did I knit today? Not really! Instead, kittens and a dramatic spill meant cleaning a similarly shaded juice off a lot of bedding and the opportunity to start 2023 with fresh line-dried everything. Lesson? Spin your stories, laugh a little, bike some more, dream as you go and keep looking for the golden. It’s everywhere, really. 


schuylkill river trail

I didn’t mean to but still, I found myself along the water again.

It’s not the most peaceful pool of remembering but it will do for a pause; a breathe in-between, a moment for all the softness, all the flow, all that lingers but begs to go.

equinox feels

shifts to equinox.

let’s hold the light together.

let’s just hold each other and shine.

Where do you show up? For whom will you be brave? When is it okay to lean in and when is the time to let go?

Careful. Brave.

Stay. Go.