shift of seasons 

The season officially shifted this week. I always mean to be a person who celebrates the equinoxes but I rarely actually make that happen. I don’t have traditions based around the shifting of seasons, so that might be part of the problem. 

I’m thinking about making fire (of some sort) part of my Equinox tradition. Wether a fireplace, a candle, a bonfire, or campfire, it seems fitting. 

At least that was my thought last night as we had a very long overdue backyard bonfire. 

There was already wood and branches waiting in my grandpa’s burn pile area and countless more sticks to pick up throughout the yard. But the bulk of the wood came from my Grandpa’s workshop. 

He was a waste not, want not, use it all up, reuse it again kind of wood worker. I respect that and we try to think thrice before making purchases but this woodpile was past my element. More so we are in a desperate drive to thin down our lives! 

Out with the old. Just as new life can be brought into a workshop now emptied, I want fire to bring me to possibilities for which I currently fear I have no room. 

The fire burned hot deep into the night. We had embers a couple feet tall at one point.  The ground was still quite warm by morning and the fire restarted quite easily.  

I’m sure there’s an analogy there too. For now all I know is that sometimes, in order to truly invite something new into your life, one needs to make space for that which is possible. 
Seems appropriate for my life right now. 

Seems befitting for an Equinox too. XO


four weeks ago

It has been an action-packed few weeks since we arrived back in Michigan. There are various reasons why we returned earlier than planned. Having set out what we hoped to accomplish and gaining some new direction in the process, we decided that we were ready to begin the tasks at hand.

  1. We sold the first care I ever owned (moment of silence) and are getting ready to sell the other vehicles too. Ultimately we will be down to one vehicle. That means a lot more bikes, right?  new ride
  2. Said vehicle will be able to pull a trailer. Honestly, I don’t know if this is the right direction for us but we need to try something different. The other thing that said vehicle will do is give us more gear space for tent/car camping.
  3. Went to Milwaukee to get the new-to-us vehicle (picture above). (In the process I got to visit a college friend and spend time with Gigi (Aunt Jan)…and the cupcake shop near her house. gigi
  4. Peeled wall paper and more wall paper and flooring. Painted ceilings and walls, tiled floors, installed new light fixtures, installed a new bathroom sink (you can now sit on the toilet without hitting your knees on the vanity. That’s something!). The kitchen and bathroom just got a whole lot brighter. wallpaperpaint
  5. Celebrated Rhys’ second birthday! Complete with new dance party lights, games with grandparents, an almost-cake (more on that here), and a new microphone. Oh yes. mormorgames
  6. Played with a few friends, took walks in the woods, witnessed the start of Sugarbush, got a huge snow storm, watched it all melt, and took off again for a quick visit to Philadelphia. sugarbush
  7. Overall, we are well. Busily making plans for the summer and for all the is ahead. Stopping to play and read and reevaluate along the way… thesethree

Feeling the Bern

bernie rally

This is what happens when your nine year old gets interested in politics during an election year. it is a crazy election year, and I’m going to leave it at that.

Except to say that I love learning through the eyes of my children and watching them process new ideas. Bonus when their interests take me to my first ever political rally.

two (and an almost a cake)

This little one turned two a few days ago. He is smaller than my others were at this age and he eats like a bird. Unless the food involves chocolate, then he is highly motivated. He loves all things musical and puts on daily performances for us. He is a spark who lights the days.


This is where he likes to set up shop. With a full view of the road, he dutifully reports every bus, big truck, motorcycle, and dog that passes by. If only there were train tracks, his current vehicle love might be complete.


Due to the train love, I had planned to make a set of petit fours in the likeness of train cars. However, the oven decided to lock itself (with dinner inside) and then demand a new control board panel thingie before it would agree to bake or cook anything. It won’t even tell me the time, the tyrant. Luckily, I also had some pavlova meringues drying  so they became a marshmallow-like cake until I can again bake. (It should be noted that this is my very first cake attempt in two months. Two months without cake!


There will be “kock-wit” cake soon, I promise.

In the meantime, may you keep making those animal sounds, keep asking for holding and nursing and books, keep begging for chocolate and i-pad, and keep using my phone to call all your Aunties and Grandparents. Ever exploring, always entertaining, may you always feel at home with us.

::: returned :::

We  are back to the house… back to the tundra… back to being inside with multiple rooms…

I hesitate to say that we are more “at home” here than we are on the road. But maybe I should simply say that we have returned to our home base for now. We are getting reacquainted with our books, our woods, and our coffee mug collection.


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