This week I am teaching cooking classes for kids ages 6-11. It’s part of a spring break camp at the Downtown Market.
First up: sushi.
At home, we tend to make Sushi bowls (aka Chirashizushi) which is basically deconstructed sushi. I love this because you don’t have to roll the suchi and you can include delicious things that don’t roll so easily. However, for the class, we rolled sushi… which took some at home practice, you-tube clips, and a near-panic call to a friend when I still couldn’t get the rolls to cut nicely.

But it worked out and we have been eating lots of sushi since.


More about the cooking classes to follow… For now, we are busy perfecting the “Jack roll” and each family members’ special roll. I think mine will definitely involve bacon…

How I Spend These Days

Snow melts to mud, revealing items from last fall.


Sun dried laundry for the first time this year.

Playing outside in between things.


First bath in his five young weeks.


Holding, nursing, changing, repeat.


And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
(Except more sunshine perhaps.)

Easy Like a (golden) Sunday Morning

Sunday, Sunday.
You know it’s been a long winter when
temps in the forties at the end of March feel balmy.

And yet I opened a window.

Goodbye snow piles, goodbye ice.
They melt away, slowly revealing things they’ve encrusted for months.

Hello picnic table, hello sunshine.
Hello cider enjoyed outside.