Peppermint Alley Press *special edition*

The September Peppermint Alley Press is officially sent fourth into the world! It might have not been completely sent until this first week in October, but it’s out there. Creating these little monthly wanderings is a joy for me and I’m so tickled (and oftentimes surprised) that you want to read it.

I’ve been considering a way to extend the monthly mailings so, starting in November, there is a second offering, the Special Edition. The same monthly non-news newsletter will come to your mailbox but it will be in color and have lots of other goodies in the envelope, including zines made by me, stickers, goodies, and other supplies to send a little snail mail magic of your own. You can sign up here. While this will start in November, if you sign up by October 20th, there will be a bonus test-run Special Edition that I will send in later October.

snail mail magic

I believe in the power of snail mail and the joy of reading things on paper. Rest assured, the regular Peppermint Alley Press will continue on as is- a free fun thing that shows in your mailbox. Creating the Special Edition form will simply allow me to fund the endeavor and put a little more energy into creating.

I have in mind, some other ideas for engaging in creative mail making that I am hoping to roll out this winter. I am picturing those darker, colder months and some projects that we might enjoy creating in our homes. If you have any ideas or desires, I would love to hear. In the meantime, thank you, to each of you who inspire and encourage.

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