Grounded, kinda

Solstice love y'all!

Solstice love y’all!

The kiddos were rockstar road trippers yesterday. It was a 16-hour day (I know!) And there was not a single complaint or squabble. I kept looking back to make sure they were all there!

Anyway, we did not stop overnight, due to the theat of a storm. Some of us also really just wanted to get there. While I was looking forward to camping along the way, there is something to be said about just getting there. And now we get to be in one spot for the longest day of the year!

And so we drove until almost midnight. When we arrived, it was so quiet and there were about a million stars in the sky. I tucked the kiddos into their bunks and sank into my spot. The air was so cool and sweet.

I woke up and walked through this field of a yard, wanting to check the aspragus patch. I walked across the field with a morning list rolling quickly through my head. And then I stopped, remembered to slow down, remembered to play. So I danced among the chest-high grasses and did some flips just for the sake of levity.

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