Flower Overload? Impossible. 

Can you smell this from wherever you are?

Can you smell this from wherever you are? Wisteria hangs all over the place and it’s strong floral breeze mixed with rain smells just as I hoped it would.

I do not have a favorite flower, that would be too much to ask of me.

Different flowers speak to me in different ways. Usually I am drawn to wild flowers- the ones that grow wrecklessly in little nooks where ever they land and never need permission. 

The scrappy ones that grow like crazy when ready and depend on nobody for cultivation or extra fertilizer. The ones so perfect as they grow but tend to wither if you ask them to sit in a vase. The ones that surprise you but refuse to grow in pretty pots or tidy rows. 

Somehow the flowers growing here seem both wild and willing to be cultivated. I don’t know if that’s true but I’ll keep paying attention. 
Do you have certain flowers that take you to a special person or place?