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The Year of The Cake (2015)

Angel Food Cake (47)

 I used to love grocery store angel food cake. I would buy one at lunch in high school and eat a bit all week. 

I had no idea that they are so easy to make. As long as you can separate eggs and have a mixer, you’re all set. Bonus if you can think of uses for a dozen egg yolks. 


I paired this with a seasonally appropriate cranberry orange compote and always seasonally appreciated coffee. We drove to Wisconsin for brunch with a dear college friend and this cake traveled easily. 

Pumpkin Roll(43)

Sometimes I do not miss him.

I think it is important to note this too.

I have felt guilty at times- here I am mourning someone who did not die young or suddenly, who had a wonderful life and a happy home, who we knew would eventually die. Sometimes I felt badly when we left to go camping for a few days or spend a weekend in Chicago. Somehow I did not feel bad when I was cleaning up messes or counting pills, or waking up early to make breakfast or canceling plans to meet with the Hospice nurse.

Tonight, the kitchen is a mess from baking and the living room is cluttered with toys.

When I walked through, I suddenly thought, “quickly, clean up those toys; Grandpa’s walker won’t get through.”

It has been months since I had to think about his walker.

The house can be a little messy and I can leave the dishes until morning if I’m too tired. I can make a vegetable-heavy meal and not think of a meat + potatoes alternative. In fact if I’m not back by dinnertime, that’s okay too.

I made this pumpkin roll tonight and it would not have been one of my Grandpa’s favorites. And that is okay too. I am leaving the dishes until morning and trying my best not to feel guilty about the times when I don’t miss this last year and all the responsibilities that came along with it.