Peppermint Alley Press Supporter Friends $5

Thank you for your interest in Peppermint Alley Press. Finalize your subscription by selecting one of the PayPal links below. You will receive a monthly envelope thick with snail mail magic sent to your home or post office box. Every month will include a color copy of the Peppermint Alley Press, TWO zines (1 brand-new and 1 from the archives), along with monthly surprises (because it’s always fun to get a nice surprise in the mail!).

Note: you will receive the same package regardless of the sliding scale price point that you chose.


Click Below for subscriptions at the $5 rate.

Note: If you don't like to deal with paper and would prefer a digital version, let me know. I'll send you a downloadable .pdf version and send a paper version to an incarcerated person who could definitely appreciate a little snail mail magic.

Additional information

Single Month

$10, $12, $15, Pick a price that feels comfortable to your budget. $10 is the discounted rate for those on a tighter budget. $12 covers my cost and $15 is the "supporter level." If you want to offer even more support, consider sponsoring a gift subscription.


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