Peppermint Alley Press

In 2018, I was inspired by author Celia Perez’s monthly newsletter and it took a few months of rough drafts that were too rough but finally, in July 2018, I had one that was ready to share!

one of the first cutting rooms

In November, I had an extra challenge: sending my non-news news letter from Mexico. It was fun to go to a papeleria to buy envelopes and to a coperia for copies. The next challenge was to go to enough post offices to get stamps for the growing number of recipients. Finally, I managed to send the newsletters out in Guadalajara. And yes, it was all a super nerdy adventure in many wonderful ways. I think I made at least 7 post office visits in5 different towns along the way. But here’s the sad part!

As of late-December, I don’t think anyone has gotten the November issue, and I am due to send out the December ones. Will they still arrive? In the meantime, I decided to offer a digital read for the maybe missing Mexico edition.

If you would like to get these sent to your home in the real snail mail, here is a form. Fill it out and I will add you to my list. If you don’t like to do electronic forms, I get that. You can snail mail me too. Because fun mail is kind of wonderful if you ask me.